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Mobile App Development Training

Embark on a journey to become a proficient mobile app developer fwith our comprehensive training program focusing on Flutter, Android, and iOS platforms. Led by experienced instructors with a wealth of app development expertise, this course guides you through every step of the app creation process, ensuring you're equipped with the skills and knowledge to build cutting-edge applications for both Android and iOS platforms. Learn from a top IT company of Nepal and gain invaluable insights and mentorship to excel in the rapidly evolving field of mobile app development.

  • Introduction to Mobile App Development

  • Getting Started with Flutter

  • Android App Development Essentials

  • IOS App Development Basics

  • Building Cross-Platform Apps with Flutter

  • Advanced Techniques in Android Development

  • IOS App Design and Development Principles

  • Deploying Apps on Google Play Store (Android)

  • Deploying Apps on Apple App Store (iOS)

  • Advanced iOS Development Techniques

In addition to mastering the fundamentals of mobile app development, this course provides practical guidance on deploying apps to both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Furthermore, it delves into advanced iOS development techniques, empowering you to create sophisticated and feature-rich applications for the iOS platform. Join our Master Mobile App Development Course and unlock your potential to create innovative and impactful mobile experiences.

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